wacky wordpress

sorry everyone. i’ve been having some weird problems with wordpress and my passwords. Sometimes it lets me log on and other days my passwords are no good. Then when I reset my password I get a message saying that my account has been deleted. Strange.

I think I have it all worked out.


Where I’ve been – Where I’m going – Where am I?

I haven’t been writing much because I’ve become a writer for a super-fun trendspotting blog, Joshspear.com

Come check it out.

I’ll keep updating this site though.

Environmental Art

Artist Jonna Pohjalainen from Helsinki produced some really interesting environmental art. It is so simple and perfect.

Found here


Cool Baby, Cool

I saw the jazz legend Dave Brubeck a few days ago. For those of you who don’t know about Dave, he is the king of of cool jazz. He is said to have introduced more people to jazz than any other artist. He is 87 now.

The concert was great. It is amazing how good he still is. He played for over two hours, told a few jokes and rocked out his piano.

Here is a video of Dave from over 40 years ago.

Find a job.

This pretty much sums up my days.

On a related note: Please hire me.


I am really loving this picture.

via some russian site