Ad School?

ad school

Trying to break into this crazy industry is rough. Add the fact that I don’t exactly live in a huge advertising market and it makes it that much tougher. Anyways, I have started thinking about Ad/Portfolio School. Many of the professionals that I have emailed have overwhelmingly recommended/suggested it.


  • I’ll come out with a great portfolio – I know I have a lot of potential so some guidance could really lead me on the right path. I’ll also have time to spend making something great.
  • Contacts – I’ll meet tons of people and have easier access to the best of the best. I really want to work internationally (most notably London or Amsterdam) at some point in the near future. I hear that Miami Ad School has an ‘international flavour’  and that might allow me better access to my dream of international work.


  • The cost – These schools are not cheap. I could always take out more student loans.
  • More time in school – When I graduated I was all excited to get out in the real world and actually do something. Another two years is school seems like a real pain – having shitty part-time jobs (like I do now) is equally disappointing.

So yeah, I don’t know what to do. I know only about 3 people read this blog but please share our opinion.


2 responses to “Ad School?

  1. dearjanesample

    Personally, I think ad school is a waste of money and time. Most people I know in the industry, did not go to ad school. Hell most of them didn’t even plan on working in advertising.
    I say go out and get any sort of writing experience you can get, because it will only help you. And then go after the small agencies, not the shitty two-bit agencies but the small shops that are still growing. They will take a chance on you AND your chances of working on some real campaigns are better then at your local BDA.

  2. Join the Miami Ad School. You’ll like it. Kind regards from Amsterdam.

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