Kansas City Gets Some Fast Lovin’

kansas city

I was reading American Copywriter and they posted about how Fast Company wrote an article stating that Kansas City is one of the Best Cities for Innovation. We’re right up there with Moscow, Seattle, Abu Dhabi and Barcelona. Good times.

Kansas City is a great city. The people are friendly and the cost of living is low.

We’re also pumping billions of dollars into the city to help improve it.
Too bad we don’t have any type of mass transit/light rail system so we’ll never be considered a major city. Because of this, I don’t see KC ever becoming a city where people want to migrate.

It is great that KC is improving though. I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.

Anyways, check out the American Copywriter post for a more in-depth post.

Ohh, and for those of you not from KC (I get a lot of visitors from the UK)… Kansas City is actually in Missouri. Only a small part of KC is in Kansas. I just wanted to clear that up because everyone not familiar with KC assumes I live in Kansas (so you can stop with the “we’re not in kansas anymore” jokes).


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