I want a tattoo

I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo. Maybe I’m trying to rebel against the man or maybe I am trying to hold on to my youth. I don’t know. I just want one.

I think I’ve found the perfect one too. A statue of the Duke of Wellington. Why you ask? Well, back when I was in college I did a semester abroad in Leeds, England. I had to walk to Uni. every day. The walk was a good 35-40 minutes away from my residence hall. Sure, I could have taken the bus everyday but that is no fun – plus the pound was so strong against the dollar that it would have cost me a fortune.

There was a big park that I would pass through just before entering the Uni. campus. This statue of Duke of Wellington was located right where the campus met the park. I walked buy it everyday. His boots were painted by students. I loved it.

After thinking for awhile I decided this would be the perfect tattoo. Now, I don’t know if it would look terrible as a tattoo but if I can find someone to make it look good I just might get it done. Honestly, I doubt I will ever get this done. I am too much of a wuss.

So Internet strangers, what do you think? Is this a dumb idea?


One response to “I want a tattoo

  1. Interesting one 🙂

    Is this a dumb idea, I am afraid I would not really want to express my opinion.

    Except maybe, that if you really feel it is the right one, then it probably is.

    Tattoo is tricky. Maybe you can check more things around. Maybe just get that one done.

    Either case, its more than a matter of taste. It is so personal. Do it for yourself, not for others.

    One love!


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